From the Horse's Mouth

When my son Theo was a preschooler, he spent a lot of time with me on campus. I ran a lot of Strange Situations in those days and Theo became skilled in timing the episodes with a stop watch. He was also pretty good with the Strange Situation toys. He was particularly partial to one very beautiful toy horse.

One day we were walking down the hall to the lab and Theo asked if he could take the horse home when we finished filming the baby.

I said,  "No, we need it again in the morning and we might forget to
...... .....
bring it."

Theo:  "Can I have it when we are finished with all the babies?"

Dad:    "Sure, but that might be a long time."

           "By the way, do you know why we're running all these babies?"

Theo:   "No."

Dad:    "Well, I want to find out how the baby knows that his mother
will always be there when he needs her."

Theo:   "I think I know (i.e., we can wrap this up right now right now
             and I can have the horse).

Dad:     "You know how the babies know that she will always
............. save them?"

Theo:   "Yes ...   Because she always did before."


I gave him the horse.


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