In The Great Rift Valley

Massai mothers and babies share a loving relationship, filled with physical contact and nurturing. Small babies are cuddled, tickled, nursed and held.

They are encouraged to explore their immediate world, which brings them into direct knowledge of the activities of Maasai life.

Tepilet O. Saitoti

One of the cornerstones of attachment theory is the notion that secure base use and secure base service are built upon biases in human learning abilities that are part of our primate evolutionary endowment.  Thus, in most human societies, infants use one or a few adults as a secure base.  Moreover, in most societies, adults are able to use one or a few others as a secure base and to serve as a secure base to someone else.  This is entirely consistent with there being cultural differences in the organization and specific signals used in secure base relationships, especially after infancy.  The notion that secure base relationships are utterly specific to capitalist white middle-class families flies in the face of experience.

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