Infant Measures
Ainsworth Maternal Sensitivity Scales
Ainsworth Secure Base Behavior Scales for Home Observation
Scoring the Ainsworth Strange Situation
Note on the Q-sort Method and the AQS in Attachment Research
Attachment Q-set (AQS) Items and Information
Attachment Q-set (AQS) (Spanish tr.)
Reprint: van IJzendoorn (2004) AQS Validity Meta-analysis
Note: Mothere as AQS observers
Secure Base Use and Support Q-sets for Research with Non-human primates
Classic: Jack Block Book on the Q-sort Method (1961)Q-sort book (.pdf)
Attachment Measures @ Stony Brook
Script-based Measures
Reprint: Bretherton (1987) Security, communication, and IWMs
Reprint: Waters & Waters (2006) Script-like attachment representations
Manual for scoring secure base script knowledge from prompt-word outlines
Manual for scoring secure base script knowledge from AAI transcripts
Adult Measures


Measures for research on maternal sensitivity, secure base behavior, and attachment representations. Essays and comments on issues in attachment assessment.

Infant Attachment
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