Ana Zevallos

Ana and Bianca Acevedo

Bonnie Connelly (1st Lab Project manager) and Morgan’s baby

Bonnie and Chris-Colon-Downs (Lab Ph.D.)

Joe and Bonnie Connelly

Dave Corcoran and Bianca Acevedo (Art Aron student)

Dave and Morgan (Tini) Rafferty (Lab Ph.D)

Dominique Treboux, Chris, and Yuan Gao (Lab Ph.D.)

Everett & Dominique

Harriet & Dominique

Joanne Davilla (Stony Brook Clinical faculty)

Morgan & Reagan

Vanessa Gomes (Lab visitor from Brazil), Bianca, Ana, Susan Brockmeyer

Susan, Joanne, Lisa Burkell (Stony Brook clinical program)

Tomo & Widad (Harriet UG assistants)

Jessica Borrelli (Yale), Julia Aikens (UConn Storrs), Daryn David (Yale)

Yuan & Chris

From the NY Attachment Consortium
Julie Aikins (UConn), Gary Cox-Steiner (Founder),
& Jessica Borelli (Yale)

Drs. (as of 2010) Vanessa, Bianca, Anna, Susan